Supporting Parents Through

the Potty Training Adventure

"I truly can't thank Sarah enough for helping us get through a few tough spots with potty training. My daughter struggled with poop issues and Sarah helped tremendously along the way. She was always available and gave great tips! Sarah was also always very positive and encouraging! Just what we all needed to survive potty training!"

Parenting toddlers can be tough! Potty training remains among the most challenging aspects of modern parenting. It doesn't have to be.


Sarah Grover of Oh Crap! Potty Training Chicago is here to help you navigate the murky waters of this very important milestone. It's a milestone, just like crawling, walking, and talking. Like any journey, it's best to start with a road map. Check out my Services for an overview of what I offer.


I'm Sarah, a wife, mother, and owner of Oh Crap! Potty Training Chicago. I potty trained my own boys when they were 34 and 24 months old. After a catastrophic prior attempt using a 3-day method, I happened upon Oh Crap! Potty Training. It was one of the most serendipitous moments of my parenting career. I shouted OCPT from the rooftops: in my circle of friends, our preschool, my Moms group, and parenting forums.


Getting certified in Oh Crap Potty Training in 2015 was the natural progression of my deep respect for and conviction in this potty training method. I have spent over 1,000 hours training and working side-by-side with Jamie Glowacki, internationally recognized, published author. I have coached 100s of parents just like you.


To get the help you need sooner rather than later, book a consultation with Sarah.


As an Oh Crap! Potty Training certified expert, I can help you with such questions as:

* How do I know if my child is "ready?"

* How do I ditch the diapers?

* My child is resisting the potty - what now?

* Do I HAVE to night/nap train?

* My child can use the potty for pee, but not poop - what do I do?

* How do I work with daycares?


When Should I Start Potty Training?
Should I Wait Until They're Ready?
I heard potty training is easy.
What Is Oh Crap Potty Training?
Do I Need to Be in Chicago?
About Me

Proud owner of Oh Crap! Potty Training Chicago.


In a past life, I was an Environmental, Health & Safety professional, having earned a Bachelor's degree in environmental engineering from Northwestern University. After nine years in the working world, I decided to stay home with my two young sons. I volunteer in my boys' classrooms regularly, and serve on the Board of their preschool.


I love roller coasters, all things Seinfeld, and geocaching. In my spare time, I try taming my frizzy hair, and snack regularly.



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