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Testimonials from Past Groups

Thanks again SO MUCH for all your help. This group has been the most wonderful support for me and I'm so glad I decided to join!

~Parent of a 33 month old

She was always avilable to me and gave great tips! She was very positive and encouraging. Just what we all need to survive potty training.

~Parent of a 26 month old

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Thanks to Sarah's wise advice and kind support we've made serious progress at nights and have found the right tools to battle days.

~Parent of a 3.5 year old

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These 2 Experts normally charge $130 for 1-month of support in a private forum. This month of support is available for $99.

Sarah Grover

We are Sarah Grover and Jenny Phelps, certified experts trained by internationally renowned author Jamie Glowacki. We have spent over 1,000 hours working side-by-side with Jamie, and have coached hundreds of parents, just like you.

Jenny Phelps

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Help is here! Not sure exactly how to start potty training? Or did you start potty training over spring break but find yourself a little stuck? Poop. Regressions. New sibling in the house. Potty training multiples. Night-time woes. We've worked with it all!

Ask 2 experts in a private Facebook group and get direct, personal responses all April long! We will help you navigate all of these issues AND MORE.