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Some parents find they want a little more guidance once they get started in the potty training adventure. It is a safe and private place to get the help you need from certified potty training expert Sarah Grover.

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From the Forum...

"Today was a massive step forward in her ability to feel a release coming, allow it to happen and not freak out during and afterwards. I'm positive that you taking me (and potentially my wife too) off the ledge the other day allowed us to get to this point. Thank you for all the help and encouragement!"


      - Parents of a 24 month old

From the Forum...

"We had a breakthrough yesterday on Day 6!! She finally pooped in the potty TWICE! Just like you said, it was quite fascinating to watch actually. Your advice and support are greatly appreciated! You have really helped me naviage through the poop piece so well!"

      - Mother of a 26 month old



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