Sarah knows her stuff. My little one had been struggling with potty issues for months, and after a consultation with Sarah, we had a solid plan and were on our way. Thanks to Sarah's vast knowledge, kindness, and responsiveness, the potty drama in our house quickly became a thing of the past.

Aleksandra G.

Austin, TX

Sarah was such a huge help with potty training our daughter. While we were lucky enough not to have to deal with any major stumbling blocks, she was there every step of the way with encouragement and ideas to keep things ‘moving’ (pun intended!). Sarah knows her stuff and has the experience and expertise needed to help you through any obstacles that might come your way. Having someone else who wasn’t as emotionally invested as my husband and I was also incredibly helpful and I’m comfortable saying my daughter is now… potty trained!! Thank you, Sarah!!

Erin S.

St. Paul, MN

My local mom's group hosted a mom's night out where Sarah came and presented her class. Everyone was able to share their experiences and receive feedback and tips for our own individual problems. We had fallen into the "treat trap" at my house, where we would give rewards for using the potty. My son (2.5 years when we started) had learned how to manipulate the system, only going if and when he wanted a treat. It was a fight to try to get him to go. With Sarah's knowledge and encouragement, I was able to dive in head first and I am happy to say that we are a potty training success story. Even after the class, if an issue or question came up, Sarah was available to me. I am proof that it can be done. I work full time and my children go to daycare and we were still able to use this method. My son is very, very strong willed and I thought potty training would go on forever, but here we are, fully trained!

Megan B.

Grayslake, IL

After 6 mos of potty training our now almost 4-year old and having constant accidents both day & night I jumped on the opportunity to get help through the Ditch the diaper December Challenge. Thanks to Sarah's wise advise and kind support we've made serious progress at nights and have found what we hope are the right tools to battle days. It really helps to know that our kiddo's behavioural issues are not all on us and how to deal with them. Not least for the reason of our sanity! Thank you Sarah

Monika D.

Stockholm, Sweden

I truly can't thank Sarah enough for helping us get through a few tough spots with potty training. My daughter struggled with poop issues and Sarah helped tremendously along the way. She was always available and gave great tips! Sarah was also always very positive and encouraging! Just what we all needed to survive potty training! Thanks Sarah!!!

Renee A.

Omaha, NE

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Sarah’s quick wit, razor sharp vision, and big heart all make her stand out as one of the first Oh Crap Experts. She can zoom in on your problems and gently but firmly guide you to the right solutions. She has trained directly under me and I’ve personally supervised her work with over 100 clients. She has an uncanny ability to work with all parenting styles with a no-nonsense but super loving approach. I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. From teaching classes to one-on-one consulting, she’s incredible.

Jamie Glowacki

Author, Oh Crap Potty Training

Sarah's presentation was so helpful to me. I can't wait to put the tools I learned in place to help my little guy poop on the potty!

Amber K.

Westmont, IL

I was dealing with an almost 4.5 year old (yes, you read that correctly) who simply *refused* to potty train, despite multiple failed attempts. To say that I was at my wit's end when I contacted Sarah would be a drastic understatement. She not only was full of great advice, but she also was calm and encouraging and most importantly not judgmental. She was interested in finding the approach that would work for our family and in being as supportive as possible. Within 24 hours of implementing her advice, my son was completely potty trained - pees, poops, day, night, you name it. AMAZING.

Jessica F.

San Diego, CA

When you have two-year-old twins, the last thing you look forward to is potty training.  After attending one of Sarah's workshops, I was inspired to give it a try following her step-by-step instructions.  I couldn't believe how quickly my twins were out of diapers and using the potty by themselves!  Sarah's instructions are spot-on and WORK!!!

Laura W.

Libertyville, IL

Sarah's class is fundamental to anyone who has a child to potty train, no matter what age! I went to the class after multiple bad attempts at potty training. Sarah broke down potty training myths, as well as the Oh Crap method's training blocks. She took time to answer any and all questions we had about our own kids and experiences thus far, which was SO helpful, since all kids are different. She also made the class fun. Being able to hear other moms' potty training issues/questions was both helpful and entertaining (because you know moms love to talk!). Sarah was knowledgeable. My daughter was just past what the author had deemed the best window to potty so I was anxious, but my daughter was basically trained by midway through the second day. I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to attend Sarah's class and finally come up with a solution to get my daughter trained. Another benefit of having had the class with Sarah is that she's been available to answer questions via email and facebook chats when any issues have come up. She already knows about (and remembers) my daughter's issues so she has easily been able to offer suggestions to help us. I'd highly recommend Sarah and Oh Crap Potty Training Chicago to anyone whether you've tried and failed at potty training or are just thinking of trying for the first time!

Ali C.

Lindenhurst, IL

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